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“Save Me” – Not Now Norman March 3, 2022

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That mighty metal behemoth better known to us mere mortals as Not Now Norman are back with what I reckon is their best song to date, and let’s face it there is some tough competition! It is called “Save Me” and is available on all platforms now. It is a song about humanity is destroying the planet and was inspired by the Australian wildfires and the talking shop of COP26 that ultimately achieved nothing. We can’t stop climate change, but we can begin to lessen its impact. “Save Me” is a heartfelt message to humanity, especially the younger generation to do something. Listen to Greta Thunberg and her peers and listen to this anthemic song. The riffs are drawn directly from heavy metal Valhalla and Taylor’s vocal performance is passionate, emotional, and in a nutshell fucking awesome. Added to that the whole band is at peak performance. The lyrics are simple but so very powerful, how can anyone ignore words like “Save me from our destiny. Save me from a time, where everything around us dies“. Click here to check out the complete lyrics. This is a mosh pit anthem with a great message. Download, stream, buy it, I don’t care how you get this song in your life, just get it, become a Norminion, and more importantly, listen to it (and I mean REALLY LISTEN), take in the message, and act!

You can catch the band live in Stockton-On-Tees this Saturday, 5th March as part of Women In Music.

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