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“Roadkill” – Ruby Addy March 17, 2022

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Following her sublimely beautiful “St Philomena” single from last year the divinely talented Ruby Addy has given us another truly gorgeous tune. It was written and performed by Ruby and it is a song that will haunt you for a long while after you have listened to it. Vocally she combines the clarity of Karen Carpenter and the soul of Adele’s most heart-wrenching tunes. Lyrically “Roadkill” is gorgeously constructed and very deep. I suspect it is one of those lyrics that could be interpreted in many different ways by different listeners. Can lyrics get any darker than “Quiet as a whisper? Soft as a prayer. I’ll tear my brain from my skull and you won’t even care” or “Paper skin and chalk-slick bones. My perfect tragedy. Please don’t forget me“. This is a tune that is more stunning because of the sparse piano sound overlaid with Ruby’s, almost ethereal voice which oozes, pain and emotion. “Roadkill” belies Ruby’s youth and is the kind of tune I can imagine Nick Cave covering. Based on her two singles to date, Ruby deserves huge success both as a performer and a songwriter. How could anyone not love this tune? When the Ruby Addy album arrives I will be first in line to buy it!

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