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“Pass On You” – Pennine Suite March 24, 2022

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The spanking new single from up-and-coming York band Pennine Suite hits the world on 25th March. I love its rather wonderful and almost eerie “ooh ooh” hook which stays with you long after you have listened to the song. Pennine Suite carries more depth of sound and are slightly less punky than the Receivers (who included three of the five members of Pennine Suite). “Pass On You” is reminiscent of some of the best early 80s post-punk and it epitomises pop-rock at its best. If I have any criticism it is simply that I think the track could be slightly longer than 2 minutes and 19 seconds. But as the band’s singer, Nick Aldous pointed out to me, you just need to play it twice, or more! I also think that someone with great remix skills could make a fantastic dance remix of this cracking song. I have heard the band play the song live and it comes across as a future classic. I recently interviewed Nick from the band, so look out for that appearing here sometime soon! Meanwhile, stream the hell out of “Pass On You”, don’t pass it by, pass it on! Click here to pre-save, pre-add, or pre-order and repeat play it as soon as it hits the streets!

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