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“Outlaw” – Skylights March 25, 2022

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Outlaw – Sleeve Art – Credit Paul Evans, Painted Papillion Smile

Crowded House once told us “Don’t Dream It’s Over” and that should be a mantra for the good things in life. It is clear that uber talented York band followed that advice and have never given up their dream. Maybe that is helped by the experience of supporting Leeds United, but nonetheless, never lose your dreams people. Since reemerging on the scene a few years ago Skylights trajectory has been close to perpendicular. They have played some amazing support slots and for 2022 there will be the first album, homecoming shows at Acomb Working Men’s Club, A headline show at the O2 Academy in Leeds, and a support slot at Bridlington Spa with one of their heroes and influences, The Enemy.

skylights – live Leeds University – photo by Mark Tighe

Just to make things even better they release their latest single, “Outlaw” today, March 25th on 42’s Records. It is their most punk-inflected tune to date and in my opinion would make an amazing choice to open the album, although I am sure it is a bit late for this old bloke to influence that decision! It carries shades of New Order, Joy Division, and early Oasis, back in the days when the boys from Burnage were a great band. “Outlaw” is a live anthem in waiting and I can’t wait to hear the lads pump it out on stage. Click here to stream it on Spotify. I believe that this is the greatest Skylights single so far, and there have been some classics! Get this tune and this band in your life, NOW!!!

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