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With Just A Hint Of Mayhem – Singles Round-Up 2022 Part 2 April 1, 2022

This is the second singles round-up of 2022 and I must apologise for its tardy arrival. I certainly hope we become more prolific with singles reviews. There are twelve great songs with a group of artists from across the globe (sorry flat earthers); Middlesborough, Bergen (Norway), NE UK, Lincolnshire, Texas, Deptford, Nashville, Bristol, Dublin (via France), New Jersey and the Goldilocks Zone around another star (well that is where it feels like the Galaxy Electric are from). I think only Marq Electronica and the Galaxy Electric have appeared on these pages before the rest are new to us but I am sure this will not be their last appearance.

“All The Way” – Kirk Covington a.k.a CPT. Kirk and The Devil Horns

This is like a glorious old skool soul revue band. Funky, modern, and a song that you simply have to dance to. Shades of Bar-Kays, Ohio Players, Jamiroquai, Silk Sonic and great Jazz Funk among others. Vocals remind me of the 70s classic “Why Did You Do It” by Stretch. This is music that straddles the best of late 20th and early 21st-century music. This is one of the best tunes I have heard in ages!

“You Belong” – Set Your Sights

Gritty, grungey, power pop punk from Middlesborough. Everything comes together nicely on this track. I reckon it will be a proper stormer played live.

“Colourful White Lies” – Electric High

Funky, riffy garage rock with a dose of Jimmy Page and John Bonham at times. The vocal hooks are spot on.

“I Thought I Knew It All” – Marq Electronica

Purveyor of some of the finest electronic pop you will find in the UK. This sad ballad reminds me of Soft Cell in their softer moments. The song grows on you and seems to get better with every listen.

“Pieces” – Revivalry

You can’t tell from the rather powerful rock tune that “Pieces” is but this lot are aged from 14 to 17. They have a well-developed sound and the song and performance are banging! They will be hitting the live circuit soon, including Kendal Calling. They have also had a TV show on Sky TV and made the charts as a part of the Brits & Pieces project. This bunch has huge potential.

“Deadzone” – Parasocials

Is it possible to find dirty, funky, post-punk, shoegaze? Yes, in this classy tune from Parasocials. This apocalyptic song was inspired by David Cronenberg’s film version of Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone”. At times it’s a bit like Yard Act, but from a much, much darker alternative universe.

“How The Light Gets In” – Sound&Shape

Ryan Caudle’s voice on this is exactly what a great rock voice should be. It starts off gently and builds to a wonderfully string-laden, epic, Beatlesesque finish. This song is a thing of pure musical beauty. I was taken back to some of the finest moments from My Morning Jacket and Gomez.

“Fool Britannia” – The Undercover Hippy

I think this actually came out last year, but somehow I missed it. A fabulous ska-punk tune with more emphasis on the ska element. A seriously clever takedown of what the UK has become. Play this tune as we move into those sunlit uplands of Brexit, which in actual fact are scorched earth and poverty. The opening line “I bet you never thought you’d regret a BJ” sets the scene perfectly! For the less aware and prudish among you, the BJ referred to is a pun-like take regarding fellatio versus Boris Johnson. I’m not sure why I actually had to say that, let’s just call it a public service announcement 🙂

“How High/ Endless Voyage” The Galaxy Electric

This is like a Giorgio Moroder film score condensed into under four minutes. It would be perfect playing in a futuristic seedy bar in any further reboots of ‘Blade Runner’. Its swirling synth soundscape hits you like a widescreen wave which suggests the endless voyage of the title. This is a perfect track for listening on good headphones, it gets deep inside your head and your psyche that way!

“Novocaine” – Sammi

Sammi has a voice with an ethereal, angelic quality and it takes me to a good place. This is a sublime piece of music and I will definitely need to check out her album, ‘Silver’ very soon.

“I Got Caught” – Jeremy Engel

French born and Dublin based Engel packs more emotion into this track than many songs can take. But he carries it off with aplomb. Shades of Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley ring out to me and the guitar work is truly exquisite.

“Break Of Dawn” – Cory Singer

Singer took to Tik Tok during the pandemic to describe what living with autism is like for him. He has become an ambassador for anyone affected by autism and released this song in support of World Autism Awareness Day which takes place on April 2nd every year and kicks off World Autism Month. Cory is clearly a talented singer-songwriter and this is a beautiful summery tune which made me think back to the Alessi Brothers 70s hit “Oh Lori”

Click here to stream a playlist of all the above tracks on Spotify. The only one missing is Sammi’s “Novocaine” which I don’t believe is on Spotify. There is a YouTube video for every one of the songs apart from The Galaxy Electric, that video says that I am unable to add it here. However I have added the link against the song title above, believe me, it is worth watching!

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