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Avalanche Party – Fulford Arms, York – Saturday 2nd April 2022 April 4, 2022

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I never like to pass up the chance to witness the mighty Avalanche Party in all their live pomp and glory and this was no exception, especially at a wonderfully intimate venue like the Fulford Arms in York. Later I have some big news regarding how many times I have experienced a live show from Avalanche Party. A big shout out to Aron Murray of Vexed Music Photography for all the excellent pictures below. (Click the link to his page and you will find plenty more great shots from the gig). First I need to tell you about the rather spiffing support bands. First to take the iconic Fully Arms stage were the Rosemaries, a band whose combined total age is not much more than my actual age! They belie their youth with pummelling punk power and a guitar sound ripped from the still-beating heart of the best of early 70s glam rock. The singer has the perfect John Lydon whiney style post-punk voice. They have some great tunes particularly “Debutante”, Kismet” and “Easy Peasy”. Mid-set the singer took a break while the guitarist sang a song called “Hornsea”, about the East Riding seaside town that is a victim of erosion. Does Hornsea get a bad press or is it a shithole? (Answers on a postcard please). This is a magnificently exciting band that has punk passion and energy by the skip load. I see elements of Public Image Ltd and Yard Act in them, but don’t let that fool you. The Rosemaries are a band with great potential in their own right!

The Rosemaries. Picture by Aron Murray, Head Honcho of Vexed Music Photography.
The Rosemaries. Picture by Aron Murray, Head Honcho of Vexed Music Photography.

Based on their legacy Pennine Suite were always going to be a good band, but now they are fast heading towards being a great band. This was their second set of the day after they had wowed the crowds at the York Life Festival in Parliament Street in the afternoon. They are building up a classy canon of great tunes. “Impatience” has become a mountainous banger in their live set. Their next single, due in the summer, I believe it is called “Far” sounds rather ace. The double highlight for me was the two outings the band gave to their fabulous current single “Pass On You” which has hit 5,000 streams in a week! Get this band in your ears NOW! watch out for an interview with Pennine Suite frontman Nick coming to these pages very soon.

Nick from Pennine Suite. Picture by Aron Murray, Head Honcho of Vexed Music Photography.
Louise (and a slice of Harry) from Pennine Suite. Picture by Aron Murray, Head Honcho of Vexed Music Photography.

Finally, it was time for perhaps my favourite band in the world right now, Avalanche Party. I promised you some big news about how many times I have seen them play live. Including tonight’s gig, I have now seen them fourteen times. This pushes Frank Turner into second on thirteen times and David Bowie third on twelve times! Thanks to Joe Bell for the name check from the stage. This was another classic Avalanche Party set. The new tunes sounded very special indeed and bode well for the sophomore album which a source tells me may well be recorded in August. Avalanche Party is now a band where every member gives it 150%. I suspect they would play like headliners wherever they were on the bill and however big the venue. While I hope they break out of grass roos venues and start playing huge venues it is something quite special to see such an immensely talented band in this environment. The combination of Joe’s supernova bass lines and Kane’s thunderous drumming continue to keep the band’s engine running perfectly. On top of that, the psych keyboard licks and flourishes from Glen combined with Jared’s other world guitar work make them a band like no other. But obviously, I can’t ignore the performance of their extraordinary frontman Jordan who plays and sings like a man possessed. No one does the penetrating rock star stare like him. There wasn’t a dull tune in the set tonight, but if I forced myself I would have to say “Bugzy” was my favourite, with “Solid Gold” a close second. This band deserves to be huge, let’s make that happen!

Jordan Avalanche – Picture by Aron Murray, Head Honcho of Vexed Music Photography.
Jared Avalanche – Picture by Aron Murray, Head Honcho of Vexed Music Photography.

All pictures, except the gig poster, were taken by Aron Murray, Head Honcho of Vexed Music Photography. The videos were found on YouTube. If the video is yours and you would like a credit or for it to be removed please let me know.

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One Response to “Avalanche Party – Fulford Arms, York – Saturday 2nd April 2022”

  1. djjedredy Says:

    Only seen them about 3 times in Manchester. The first was Sounds From The Other City back about 3 years ago and was blown away. An amazing band who I thought were going to breakthrough with all that American Road Trip / Recording stuff they did a few years ago. Need to play bigger venues even though the Fulford Arms isn’t too shabby!


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