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The Mayhem Monthly Top 20 Artist Chart – April 2022 May 3, 2022

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Here we go with the Mayhem Artist Top 20 chart for April 2022. Many of you know that I am a keen user of a site called Obscurify. It claims to tell you how obscure your listening on Spotify is. Compared to the rest of the UK I achieved a level of only 95% more obscure than other users in the UK this month, down from 100% last month. Regular readers will know that it also lists my most obscure artists, (two of which had been there since I began doing these posts, although for the first time ever Woke Up Dead and Promethium are not on that list! Sorry chaps) which currently are;

Gene (The best British band of the Britpop era in my opinion)

Martin Rossiter (Lead singer of the best British band of the Britpop era. You can tell what I’ve been listening to this month, can’t you?)

Hazy Janes (In your face like a two-man Led Zep, a great band from Halifax)

Vaquelin (One of York’s finest young bands. Check out the video for their rather wonderful single “Iridescent Street Lights” below)

Blue Rondo á la Turk (Would you believe that it was reading Johnny Marr’s autobiography ‘Set The Boy Free’ that got me listening to these early 80s salsa, pop, jazzateers!)

Incidentally, four of those obscure artists feature in the artist top 10 for April.

As for the April Top 20, only Dame David remains from the last chart, but he has been there pretty much all the time. Other classic artists include Elton John, Roxy Music, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and Abba. There are quite a few appearances from artists that have never appeared before including TV Girl, the Ukrainians, French The Kid, and Peach Pit. Sitting at number 11 is possibly one of the finest UK bands around at present, the Howl and the Hum, from my adopted city of York. The astute among you may have noticed a young man named Harry Styles at number 14. I can sense you thinking, what is that Styles bloke doing in the Mayhem chart? Well, I am out of the closet on Harry Styles, he is a hugely talented artist and I bloody love his music! I would love to hear your thoughts on this chart. Oh and keep your eyes open for the second Mayhem Monthly Song Chart, just like an old-school top 20 singles chart! That one includes songs by a few of the artists featured in the April Artist Chart.

1 David Bowie
2 Elton John
3 Gene
4 Hazy Janes
5 Ukrainians
6 Roxy Music
7 Bob Marley & The Wailers
8 Wet Leg
9 Marvin Gaye
10 Blue Rondo a la Turk
11 The Howl and the Hum
12 French The Kid
13 Dana Gillespie
14 Harry Styles
15 Cigarettes After Sex
16 Peach Pit
17 Lana Del Ray
18 TV Girl
19 Martin Rossiter
20 Abba

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