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“Roads Leading Nowhere” – Vaquelin May 26, 2022

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Just when you thought Vaquelin couldn’t get any better after their magnificent debut album ‘Where Dreams Hurt‘ earlier this year they hit you with their magnificent and truly epic new single “Roads Leading Nowhere”. It has a much more acoustic feel than the album but lyrically its words and ciphers are darker than obsidian and deeper than the Krubera Cave. The lyrics have references to suicide and some incredible couplets like “The fish in the water got me hypnotised, our captain’s overboard he’s been snorting lines”. I thought that the weird sound motif in the intro was a backwards tape loop, but what it is actually is chords in reverse order, with the audio clip then being reversed. So maybe I was half right. I felt shades of Paul Weller circa “Wild Wood” and Traffic from 1970s “John Barleycorn Must Die”. Vaquelin are clearly not content to simply rest on the laurels of the first album and this single is a magnificent manifesto for the sophomore album whenever that arrives. I think the band sees this as a risky release that might alienate some fans, well if it does all I can say is that those fans maybe don’t really appreciate great music. Get your ears around this track now, you will not be disappointed. Check it out here on Spotify.

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