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“Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce” – The Kunts May 29, 2022

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Having made number five in the UK charts two years in a row, with “Boris Johnson Is A Fucking Cunt” (2020) and “Boris Johnson Is STILL A Fucking Cunt” (2021) the Kunts are bidding to go better for the Queen’s Jubilee year. They have just released “Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce” in time for the Jubilee celebrations. I think it is our duty to stream it, download it and share it. Can we get the Kunts to number one in the UK with this rather fabulous singalong about Prince Paedo? Go on people, you know what you need to do! In addition to the original single, there is also an unplugged take and a couple of remixes, check them out below and click here to stream the hell out of this wonderful track on Spotify and find a remix here on Apple Music!

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