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“Broken Window” – Vaquelin July 27, 2022

After the incredibly dark acoustic vibes of their last single “Roads Leading Nowhere” Vaquelin are back with a new one, “Broken Window”. This one is as heavy as hell and rocks that quiet/ loud approach made famous by the Pixies and used (some say stolen) by Nirvana. At times Adrian Boudry’s vocals sound like he has gargled with broken glass, and I do mean that in a positive sense, it is perhaps his heaviest vocal to date. I heard them play “Broken Window” live a couple of months back and it sounded very good, this recording blows everything else away though, like a huge rock juggernaut with no brakes. Callum Scott’s guitar playing could grace any British 70s classic rock hit without lowering the quality. Meanwhile, the rhythm section (Luca Vieira on bass and Jack Stephenson on drums) underpins the song with a drive that may have been carved from the bowels of Mordor. The Vaquelin boys have suggested there may be a new album later this year and if this and the previous single are tasters for that it will be awesome. It will indeed make choosing an album of the year more difficult though as currently their first album ‘Where Dreams Hurt’, released earlier this year, is on my list.

“Broken Window” was actually released a few weeks ago, although the band briefly withdrew it and then replaced it with a much meatier mix. Now the tune has a rather delightful video to accompany it, which was produced by Will Sash. It was filmed in the Fulford Arms in York and features the band running through a live performance of the song in an almost empty venue. There is a rather strange old bloke at the end, making strange faces and drinking a pint of Guinness at the Fully Arms bar. Just who is that old bloke? I feel like I know him. Check out the video below and click here to stream the track on Spotify. If you haven’t checked Vaquelin out yet, where have you been? Get on it now!

Who is the strange bloke at the bar?

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