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“Cruel Twist Of Fate” – Thrillhouse August 8, 2022

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When a band posts on Twitter “Our new tune is out on Friday. We ain’t got no money for PR, as usual. Soooo… anyone up for reviewing it? Means you get to hear it early! Scathing, brutal and unfair reviews very welcome” my interest is piqued. Thrillhouse did precisely this in respect of their new single last week. It is called “Cruel Twist Of Fate” and was launched in the wider world, I mean apart from those stuck-up privileged, snotty, superior, reviewers like me, who got it early, on Friday 5th August. I don’t like doing bad reviews, I’m not comfortable with it, but if I have to I will, and if someone invites a scathing, brutal, unfair review, what is an old bloke to do? Well, he needs to listen to the song first at least. I did just that, four times, albeit a bit late, considering it is now Monday. I had all my scathing, brutal, and unfair words ready and loaded into my sawn-off lexicon. Sorry to disappoint you though, I really didn’t need them! This is a great electro-pop track that also includes some fine more “organic” instruments, notably piano and electric guitar. If the Thompson Twins had a sweaty bout of illicit sex on the beach with Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark (OMD) with sand gathering in every available crease while Hall and Oates’s 1980s backing band were soundtracking them doing the two-backed beast, this fine song, “Cruel Twist Of Fate” would be the result some 9 months later. Thrillhouse refer to themselves as generic indie garbage and maybe there is a tiny element of generic and maybe even a pinch of indie, but garbage? Seriously, no way! I bloody love this single which is full of hooks and melodies to die for. I will spend the next few days acquainting myself with more of Thrillhouse‘s great tracks. I urge you to do the same. I am sorry Thrillhouse I so wanted to be scathing, brutal, and unfair, but you have made such a great song, I couldn’t! Click here to check out their fabulous collection of songs on Spotify!

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