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“Do Clean / Do Dirrrty” – The Dead Zoo August 9, 2022

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Tomorrow the Dead Zoo, one of my favourite current bands release their cracking new single “Do Clean / Do Dirrrty”. I am honoured to say that they have given me the opportunity to premiere the song a little early and share with you the lyric video. The actual video will be available soon and is just getting its finishing touches. As for the song, it is a punk mega blast full of anger, vitriol, and perhaps most importantly, hope. It is the sort of tune that could take the roof off a venue. Real 21st Century punk that smacks you right in the face and makes you listen. Here are some of the things the band had to say about the song. Singer and guitarist Kaoru says the song was driven by a conviction that “when trapped and lost, making a bold move to escape that reality regardless of the destination is sometimes necessary. In my case, the drive to move on emerges most strongly from my gender transition and is particularly relevant as trans people are currently being ‘monstered’ daily in an unprecedented attack by all sides of the establishment, society, and the mass media. The lawless mentality embraced by the lyric’s narrator fits well with that sense of being outside the bounds of a ‘normal’ world that seeks to cancel you and all those like you.” Joint lead vocalist Somrata, who also contributes a searing textural synth lead to counterpoint the buzzsawing guitars, says “that narrative is universal. The prevailing forces of populism and conservatism are those that are being fought by those they seek to keep under control. The song is all about that sense of finding our freedoms and enjoying that getaway drive in the process. It’s very Thelma and Louise.”

Spiderman has the Spiderverse, well this is the DeadZooverse!

This is a tour de force from a supremely talented band and takes their sound to a whole new level and hopefully a much wider audience. I once said that the Dead Zoo are destined for great things and on the evidence of “Do Clean / Do Dirrrty” that most definitely still holds true. I haven’t seen them live yet, but they are definitely on my “see live” bucket list. Look out for an interview with the Dead Zoo on these pages very soon. I also love that they have taken Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” to another level with that statement extra ‘r’.

‘Do Clean / Do Dirrrty’ is released on all digital platforms on August 10th, 2022, backed with monstrous psych stomper ‘Siluett’. Get it and get on it tomorrow!

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