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“Oxford English Dictionary” – Trunky Juno August 10, 2022

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Just a couple of months back Durham’s Trunky Juno released a rather splendid new single “Oxford English Dictionary”, which incidentally is one of my favourite books. The single is for me a contender for single of the year 2022! The song drew me in from the opening line, “Mississippi is a pretty difficult word to spell”. Seriously how can that not hook you in? Musically I was reminded of Vampire Weekend, the Flaming Lips, and the Super Furry Animals. Maybe it was “Oxford Comma” that drew me to the Vampire weekend comparison. This song is the dictionary definition (see what I did there?) of dreamy, languid, chilled pop. I have listened to a few more of Trunky Juno‘s songs and they are all rather good.

Apparently, Trunky’s original aspiration was to be a Backstreet Boy, who knows, maybe that could still happen, but to be fair I don’t think he needs them. I hear that Trunky Juno is an avid admirer of all forms of creativity, and of music, he muses “I always wonder what it would be like to hear music without knowing anything about music, and that’s what I like about other art forms. I like that I know nothing about them and I can just appreciate them in a more abstract way without thinking about the gritty details.” Trunky Juno has great songs and is an artist that needs to be heard, so make sure you listen good people! Click here to find him on Spotify.

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