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“Wasteman” – Kate Nash August 12, 2022

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Kate Nash really is a wonderful human being, I met her once when she had one of my favourite bands the Tuts, who are sadly no longer together. Kate struck me then as a human with integrity, empathy, and a stack of talent. Her new single, “Wasteman” proves that she still has all three. It is a song that is typically Kate Nash and I mean that in a good way, there aren’t many people like her. It is a rolling kind of tune that shares anger, finding oneself, and ultimately realisation and redemption. The realisation part of the lyric is sublime “Took me some time to see, You’re actually shady. You fucking take the piss. I must have been crazy”. The lyrics are simple, to the point, and bloody good. With a chorus hook as good as “I’m not about it, I’m on my own shit” this song should be a huge hit, and although it probably will be big, it won’t sadly, be played on mainstream radio. “Wasteman” hangs around in your head long after the first listen and the video, starring British icon Danny Dyer is rather ace. It also stars the obscenely talented Gaby Diaz and an appearance by Danny’s daughter Sunnie. Check out the video below and get this tune in your life! The world needs Kate Nash!

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