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“Barraque Beat” – Matziz August 31, 2022

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The new single from Matziz is called “Barraque Beat” and it is a strange but very satisfying slab of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). It uses a lot of synth sound and electro instrumentation, but also includes a fair bit of organic instrumentation, mainly guitars. It is a four-minute instrumental with the kind of vibe that means it is impossible not to move to it. The track will induce everything from robot dance to just tapping your feet via a full-on Dad dance on amphetamines. Matziz describes his work as “an attempt to translate images into music, to sculpt sound material and play with its textures to extract an emotional essence. This is about working alchemical formulas through sound, to: – treat, accompany, heal, inspire‚Ķ The sensitive world according to its various needs, which fluctuate at full speed, according to the context of the extremely changing and tumultuous news”. Matziz says that he is inspired by “the origins of Techno and the English effervescence of electronic music in the ’90s” Apparently the tune is about a toad, trying to enter a very weird house, now I know that it explains the weird toad-like sounds that can be heard scattered through the piece. This really is a great track and different from so many less exciting releases in this genre.

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