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The Goa Express – Fulford Arms, York – Sunday 4th September 2022 September 7, 2022

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This was another visit to one of my favourite places and one that has the potential to become my second home. Yes, I was back at the Fulford Arms. Incidentally, when I eventually pop my clogs and leave this mortal coil many years from now I would like my wake to be held here and my ashes scattered in the Fully Beer Garden! But enough of me, there were two bands playing tonight, (interestingly I had seen neither of them before. The first was Highschool. they have a feel of New Order, the Killers, and perhaps a synthless OMD. Singer Rory’s voice at times reminded me of the softer side of Iggy Pop and also Julian Casablancas from the Strokes. This Aussie band is rather excellent and I am looking forward to their new single, due in October. Their 2021 EP ‘Forever At Last‘ is ace too.


Headliners were Burnley’s the Goa Express, in the early part of their set the organ-style keyboard licks gave them a feel of the Inspiral Carpets or maybe Traffic. But overall their sound is a hard-rocking indie dance fusion with a bit of old-school classic punk styling thrown in a la the Clash. Are they Burnley’s finest band? probably yes, and almost certainly across a much wider area than that, among the best UK bands I have seen this year. At times James Douglas Clarke’s voice evoked the best of James Dean Bradfield, T.V. Smith, and Julian Casablancas. That is the second mention for Casablancas in the same review! They got more punky as the set progressed and the band is supremely tight. A very special shout-out to the ace bass player, Naham, who played some superb marching, melodic bass lines. I bought their 7-inch single, “Everybody In The UK”, from the merch stand and it is damned good. I will definitely be seeing this band again sometime!

The Goa Express

All pictures, except the gig poster, were taken by me using my very cheap Chinese Android phone. The videos were found on YouTube. If the video is yours and you would like a credit or for it to be removed please let me know.

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