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“Happiness Is Not A Destination” – Andrew Cantwell January 9, 2022

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Andrew Cantwell is a British singer/songwriter based in Wigan, Greater Manchester. He grew up in Renfrew near Glasgow, and like many of us older folk (although to be fair he is much younger than me) he worked to earn money for gig tickets and records. he always wanted a career in music and at one point this huge music fan ran the fan pages and website for GUN and the Dogs D’Amour and his hero Tyla. He has a wide range of musical influences and that is apparent from his work. He comes across as one hell of a positive person. After losing his wife to Sepsis in 2018, his son Dylan suggested he should enrol at The Music Projects in Wigan, which he did and after studying at TMP Music College in Wigan he graduated with overall distinction.

He has released a few singles during Covid lockdown and his newest hit the world back in October, it is called “Happiness Is Not A Destination” and it oozes with that aforementioned positivity. It is the kind of tune that uplifts your mood and makes you smile with that warm glow of happiness. For me, it is about focussing on the good things in life even if the bad stuff seems insurmountable. That happiness is simply a way of life is a great message to live by. The song was recorded at TMP College in Pemberton, Wigan with Andrew’s mentor and confidante John Kettle. John played electric/acoustic guitar/bass and also produced and engineered the song.

You need to check out more of Andrew’s songs, he is a truly great talent. As a bonus, the B-Side (younger readers should ask their Grandparents what this is) is a delightful cover of the Waterboys classic “The Whole Of The Moon”. Andrew makes the song his own by slowing it down and making it more melancholy. This rendition fits perfectly how I believe a cover version should be, somewhat removed from the original, maintaining a similar spirit, but definitely not a facsimile! Click here to check out more of Andrew’s songs and covers on Spotify.

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