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“I’m the kid that made delinquency an art” January 2, 2012

How many of you remember the Simpsons UK number one from 1991, “Do The Bartman“? It is nearly 21 years old now after all. Did you know that it was the first UK number one song by a cartoon act since the Archies in 1969? Which incidentally was the first single that I ever bought.

But back to “Do The Bartman” which was included on the album ‘The Simpsons Sing The Blues’ and the the vocals were provided by Nancy Cartwright who provides Bart’s voice in the series. It was co written and co produced by Bryan Loren by none other than Michael Jackson. Jacko was a big fan of the Simpsons but contractual reasons (he was on a different record label) meant that he wasn’t credited on the original release. This was rumoured for sometime after the event and was eventually revealed by Simpsons creator Matt Groening at a convention in 1998. I know this will be old news to some of you but I only read about it a couple of days back. Jackson did go on to make anĀ appearanceĀ on the show but not as a caricature of himself.

The song also reached the top of the charts in Norway, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. It only made it to number 24 in the USA, but it was never officially released as a single there. It stayed at number one in the UK for 3 weeks between February and March 1991.


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