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“Papa Cheese” – Chronic Johnny May 17, 2020

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Everyone likes cheese, right? Everyone likes cheesy pop, right? If you like your rock hard, thrashing, metallic, and noisier than a supersonic jet with a backfiring exhaust then whether you like cheese or not you will probably love Chronic Johnny’s new tune, “Papa Cheese”. If your main musical taste is cheesy pop then you will probably avoid Chronic Johnny, although maybe you should step away from pop cheese and get some “Papa Cheese” in your life. This is a song that will do more than shake the lockdown cobwebs out of your head it will lead to the spiders in your head leaving en masse for quieter climes. I think this tune may prove to be a Marmite song, people will love it or hate it, I bloody love it!

It is extreme garage punk that shakes the room to its foundations, I think the lyrics may be an ode to a dairy product formed by the coagulation of the milk protein casein, a.k.a. cheese! However I can’t make out all the lyrics, but it still stands as a great song. Chronic Johnny refer to themselves as a wild noiserock trio from Harrogate and that is about as much information as I can find about them online. “Papa Cheese” is their first single and is solid proof that they are wild noiserockers! I reckon it is about time that the genteel spa town of Harrogate had some real noise!

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