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‘Mustard Coloured Years’ EP – Wild Cat Strike May 28, 2020

When searching the music world it isn’t always easy to find artists that are truly original but Brighton’s Wild Cat Strike merit that description. Their ‘Mustard Coloured Years’ EP strikes me as one of the most fascinating releases I have heard in a long time. Starting with Danny Byrom’s idiosyncratic and original vocals and superbly backed up by Max Boughen on guitar, Chris Whitehorn on bass and Joe Caple on drums this is a captivating band. It should be noted that all of these players are multi-instrumentalists so a truly multi-skilled ensemble.

“Mustard” combines an original sound with eccentric rhythms using light and shade with complex lyrical ideas. “Toothcutter” employs a different sound and method altogether. The lyrics are intriguing with their religious references writ large. There is a little feel of the Cure about this track but as with the other tracks this maintains its originality. This song has a second part to it which creates a more dreamy feel. “Swamp” is a mesmerising song that draws you in and is beautifully constructed. The music is inspired and intricate with a real application of lyrical thought processes and musicality. At the end of Roxy Music’s debut album, Bryan Ferry warbled “should make the cognoscenti think”. Well, Wild Cat Strike will surely have the same effect. My ears are open for more from this original group of musicians.

Written by Paul Bamlett.

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