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‘Documentaries’ – EP – The Long Faces August 19, 2020

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Referencing the early incarnation of Soft Machine in their publicity this band include Prog, Psychedelia, contemporary jazz and choral music in their armoury. Melodic purity and harmonic surprise are key . First track “Sail Away” has an innovative opening with distinctive vocals and great guitar parts. An intriguing rhythm and a hint of Orange Juice. “Documentaries” has a good soundscape opening and a distinctive jazz feel. The vocals are strong with lovely falsetto. “And Where Have You Gone, Mr. Wolf?” has a more prog opening with wonderful melody and a superb bass breakdown. This is the strongest track here for me with fabulous harmonies. What the Long Faces present here are a multiplicity of potential musical futures. The dilemma will be which one to choose . Whatever their decision you can guarantee that the results will be fascinating.

Written by Paul Bamlett.

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