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“When I’m With You” – Yallows May 29, 2019

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I recently reviewed an earlier release from Yallows, “Who Am I?”. Well, now they have a new tune out, called “When I’m With You” and it is a mountainous, melodic piece of grunge style rock with echoes of early Nirvana. Everything about this track hits the spot; the band is on peak form and the vocals are among the best rock vocals that I have heard in a while. Yallows are from Kanazawa, Japan and are living proof that rock music in the land of the rising sun is as healthy as it has ever been. If you haven’t done so already you really need to check this band out. Click here to find “When I’m With You” on SoundCloud.

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“Who Am I?” – Yallows January 19, 2019

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Yallow is a derivative dialectical version of the word yellow. Well it is also almost the name of a rather talented heavy rock band called, you guessed it, Yallows. Yellow is often used to describe cowardice and Yallows sound like they have huge Cojones and not even the slightest hint of cowardice. They are from Kanazawa, Japan and frankly they fucking rock like a bastard from hell. Their latest release, “Who Am I?” is a bloody amazing riff tsunami. If dinosaurs still ruled the earth this song played at full volume would almost certainly wipe them out!


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