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“A little less conversation!” March 18, 2009

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I have decided to dispense with the usual birthday and ‘onthisday’ format for todays regular post. It is also a budget post with no pictures or links. OK so I’m being a bit lazy am I? Maybe but I see it as more observational! I suspect that it will be much shorter too. Strangely enough it starts with a birthday theme though. Today I went to the Post Office, I lead such an exciting life don’t you think?

Whilst in the queue (that’ll be line if you’re a US citizen) I was in front of two students from York University. I don’t make it a habit of listening to other peoples conversations but they were quite loud and somewhat amusing. They started off talking about the legal side of being able to bury a deceased relative in you garden, they decided it was illegal but if it was one of their parents dying wishes they would endeavour to do it. Imagine the shock you’d have if you bought that house a few years after that burial and decided to dig over the garden, oh what fun! Still I suppose it’d be good, cheap compost 😉

They then spent some time talking about a 70 year old man who was attending the same University course as them and how every second word from him seemed to be fuck or fucking. There was also some speculation about whether he was staying in student accommodation or an old peoples home. It transpires that it was neither.

Anyway as interesting these brief tales were they were not what led me to include these guys in todays blog post. The music being played as background noise on the Post Office sound system was Stevie Wonder‘s “Happy Birthday”. Not Stevie’s best in my opinion but certainly not his worst, that would have to be “I Just Called To Say I Love You“. Anyway the two students, let’s call them Derek and Clive, were speaking about the music. Derek who seemed to know everything said to Clive “that’s Bob Marley on the radio” Clive simply replied “is it?” the conversation then carried on thus;

Derek -“yeah it is Marley, did you know that he was shot by his Dad?”

Clive – “No way, was he? How?”

Derek – “Well with a gun obviously, that’s really bad being shot by your dad isn’t it?”

Clive – “Quite bad yeah”

Derek – “Where was he buried then?”

Clive – “Maybe in his parents garden?”

Sadly at this point I was called to position 8 by that sweetly annoying electronic voice. I had so wanted to point out the error of their ways and correct their poor knowledge of the trivia of music history. Particularly as I am a bloody know-it-all, or perhaps more of a know-most-of-it-all. But that conversation was frankly too good to stop. I just wish that I knew where it went next.

If by some bizarre twist of fate Derek and Clive are actually reading this feel free to get in touch, I’d be happy to give you proper credit in a future post!

Anyway many of you will have already spotted the fundamental errors of trivia that Derek and Clive made. Firstly as I mentioned it was Stevie Wonder singing “Happy Birthday” not Bob Marley and it was Marvin Gaye that was sadly shot dead by his father back in 1984.

Like I mentioned before this is not the usual type of post but I found it quite amusing and I hope that you did too. Please feel free to let me know what you think. And finally if anyone else knows who this Derek and Clive might be feel free to let me know.


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