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“Cos we hate what you do and we hate your whole crew, so please don’t stay in touch” June 1, 2009

Hello again peeps. Apologies but work has kept me away from blogging recently, but having read yesterdays Observer (it’s a UK Sunday newspaper for those of you outside the UK) I felt I had to say something. I guess this post may be deemed political, but I’ll certainly sweeten it with some music! OK many of you are aware of the recent issues with British MPs expenses, so I won’t bore you with more details about moat clearing and duck islands. Among other things this whole expenses debacle has served to considerably undermine the image and confidence in the three main parties. With a set of European elections coming up and a large number of local elections this may present the ideal opportunity for extreme right wing parties like the BNP to gain a foothold. Like many other UK voters I am very disappointed with the recent behaviour of all the major parties although (and I can’t believe I would ever say much in praise of the Tories) I have been quite impressed with how Cameron has handled it.

Anyway back to the BNP, they are desperate to present themselves as a proper political party when in my opinion they are nothing much more than racist scum. Like many people I will be voting next Thursday and most likely not for one of the three majors. However I would urge all of you with the vote to use it, but please if you have any sense and decency do not use it on the BNP. They are on the same level as Hitler and should not be allowed to fool people into thinking they are respectable. If you are thinking of voting for the BNP please, please read the article from yesterdays Observer and reconsider your views. The European elections are based on proportional representation and these people only need 8% of the vote. So vote for anyone except the BNP but do not take the not voting option as that is both what they want and what they need. Click here to read that article.

OK I promised some music as this is ostensibly a music blog so let’s kick off with the rather excellent “Guess Who Batman” from the rather splendid Lily Allen. You may have heard this track before, perhaps you even know it as the “Fuck You Song” but this time take the time to read and listen to the lyrics. Let’s all sing this at the BNP on Thursday!

Secondly I’ve chosen a song by the Specials (I guess you’d say Mark 2 as it was recorded after Terry Hall, Neville Staple and Lynval Golding left. It is the rather hard hitting “Racist Friend” I guess you’ve noticed now that these are all on an anti racism trip!

Let’s finish with perhaps one of the greatest anti racism songs ever. “Strange Fruit” by the late great Billie Holliday

OK that’s your lot for today from this Guardian Reading C*nt (read the article in the Observer to understand that one) I’ve left out any pictures today as perhaps that would be too frivolous. I have just one more thing to say please use your vote on Thursday and vote for whoever you want, except for the racist scum that is the BNP. I know I can count on you. Thank you for listening!


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