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“Our thumping hearts hold the ravens in, and keep the tower from tumbling” August 21, 2011

As many of you know I have a real issue with the fact us English do not have our own passport nor our own national anthem. The other home nations; Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may also have to have a British passport like us in England, but at least they have their own national anthem. What do we use? The bloody British national anthem, “God Save The Queen”. It’s like a damned funeral march and holds no inspiration whatsoever for me.

Regular readers will know that I have posted about this subject before, click here to read it. Anyway another blogger has gone somewhat further than me and has set up a UK government e-petition entitled ‘Make Kate Bush‘s “Oh England My Lionheart” the new English National Anthem’. That song was one of the choices on my original post. So I would like you to go to the petition site and sign it. Click here to do so. Unless of course you like the British national anthem? Surely you don’t do you? Anyway only 100, 000 signatures are needed before the government have to consider it, so what are you waiting for? You know what you need to do; England expects and all that.

If you’d like to check out Steve’s original post on the subject click here. The rest of his blog is pretty damned good too, frankly anyone who is a Kate Bush fan and a comic fan is someone I couldn’t fail to like. Here is Kate with said song. Listen and sign people, you know it makes sense!


4 Responses to ““Our thumping hearts hold the ravens in, and keep the tower from tumbling””

  1. Barbara Says:

    I have done! However, another poster before me mentioned Billy Connolly’s suggestion of the Archers theme tune for the alternative national anthem, and Bill Bailey’s suggestion of the Pink Panther theme tune has been in my mind since Jarvis Cocker played this on 6 Music in reference to Friz Freleng (creator of the movies’ opening titles)’s birthday.


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Barbara, thanks for the comment. I would love the Sex Pistols God Save The Queen as our national anthem, but I think that’s unlikely. Even if Kate’s song doesn’t make it if we can get a big enough movement for parliament to consider it maybe we can have a wider debate about our lack of an anthem!




  2. Cerise Says:

    I just found your blog looking checking on a lyric from this song – one of my favorites. I’m American, so voting would be silly, but…one of my life hopes is to get on a chair in Speaker’s Corner, whip out a guitar and sing it out for love’s sake. And hope nobody would hate it.


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I hope that you do make it to Speakers Corner, I for one would be happy to come and give you some applause 🙂


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