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“Robin Hood, Robin Hood here we are again” November 5, 2011

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I learnt a piece of music trivia today that I am pretty sure I never knew before! Perhaps this should have been added to my With Just A Hint Of Learning blog, but as it is purely music related I have kept it here.

Anyway that bit of trivia concerns how Sham 69 got their name. The name supposedly came from some faded football related graffiti that Sham 69 front man Jimmy Pursey once saw on a wall in his home town of Hersham. The graffiti celebrated the local non league football teams success in winning the Athenian League in 1969. Allegedly the original graffiti said “Walton & Hersham ’69” Can you guess which bit had faded? In theory I suppose it’s possible that they might have been called Walt 69.

Enjoy the bands three UK top ten hits below;


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