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“Singing them love songs, singing them straight to the heart songs” February 6, 2012

This is a very brief post to wish Bee Gee Robin Gibb all the best in his continuing recovery from colon cancer. he said ‘Well, it’s all simple. I was diagnosed with a growth in my colon. It was removed. And I’ve been treated for that by a brilliant doctor, and in their own words ‘the results have been spectacular’.

he is also preparing to release his first classical composition based on the story of the Titanic and called ‘Titanic Requiem’. He collaborated with his son RJ on the project and will lead a performance of the work with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on 10th April. Which is the 100th anniversary of the launch of the doomed cruise liner.

Click here to read the story on the BBC website.

In the meantime enjoy a few Bee Gees classics;



One Response to ““Singing them love songs, singing them straight to the heart songs””

  1. […] on February 6th I posted about Robin Gibb‘s apparent remission from colon cancer. (Click here to read that post). As many of you already know he has now passed away aged just 62. Robin was a […]


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