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“What Happened To The Fambly Cat?” July 2, 2012

Our little cat Betty, or to give her full name, Mrs Betty Slocombe has gone missing. She is also affectionately known as Betty Boo. She is just over a year old and blind in one eye. She has a very sweet nature and has never been gone for more than a couple of hours before. We last saw her on Saturday morning, 30th June. We miss her terribly and can’t help thinking how scared she must be.

We have put leaflets through the doors of about 70 houses, notices on local notice boards and in local shops. we have searched empty properties and walked up and down the riverbank a few times. we have given her details to the RSPCA and Cats Protection and a number of local veterinary practices. She is also the subject of a missing cat advert on gumtree.co.uk (click here to read it) and now has a Facebook group (click here to see that) But as yet we still don’t have her back.

We live in Huntington in York in the UK. If you have any friends in the area please pass this post on to them. People have been incredibly supportive with possible sightings and happy ending stories of their own cats going missing. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has responded so far.

I will certainly keep you updated on progress and will post again when she comes home. I know that this is almost certainly nothing like the pain of having a child go missing, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt. I keep thinking that maybe I didn’t look after her well enough, however stupid that sounds that is how it feels sometimes. I feel like I have let Betty down. Both Catwoman (aka my beautiful wife Catherine) and I are very worried about her and can’t help thinking how scared she probably is. Even her older brother Benny seems out of sorts since she disappeared too. We hope that maybe she has been trapped in an outhouse or shed or something and that it will be opened soon so that she can make her escape.

I have said on many occasions that this is a music blog, so to stick with that I couldn’t really think of anything more appropriate than this excellent piece from Grandaddy; “What Happened ………..?” (Incidentally and sadly Betty is not one of the cats in the video). Betty is one of our Fambly Cats and all of us would like to know where she is and have her come home very soon.


6 Responses to ““What Happened To The Fambly Cat?””

  1. justwilliam1959 Says:

    The Betty has landed! The Fambly Cat is back in the Fambly! We were out putting leaflets all over Huntington old Village and when we came back Catherine went out to call her and we heard a little cat squeak! It was Betty, she was stuck in one of the most overgrown old chicken coops in next doors garden. We had to use secateurs to get to her. But now she is home and filling her belly 🙂 Thank you for all your kind thoughts, encouragement and help in spreading the ‘Missing Betty’ info. We are somewhat ecstatic 🙂


  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    Oh please, please can Betty come home. June 30 isn’t too long ago, but it’s obviously out of her normal routine. Prayers for Betty, as cats’ lives can be pretty awful when they don’t have their loving owner around. Gorgeous, gorgeous little photo. A different coloured eye – sweet, like David Bowie!

    I will watch the video now 🙂


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Thanks for the kind thoughts 🙂 If you check out my recent comment on this post you’ll see that I am able to sharesome good news. betty came home on Monday night! She is mostly blind in her right eye and as a big, big Bowie fan I can’t believe I never made that different coloured eyes connection. Maybe I’ll have to add Ziggy to her full name! 🙂


  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    Ha ha – this was gorgeous! 🙂 How old is the little girl asking the Q What Happened to the Family Cat? Oh, family cat, beautiful little family cat.

    She’ll come home. She may have one life less, but she’ll be back.

    (very dramatic ending!!)



    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      I haven’t got a clue how old the kid is, in fact I thought it was a little boy. It’s a looped sample on the track “Whatever Happened…….” from the now defunct band Grandaddy 🙂 As for Betty she may indeed be down to 8 lives and as she has pooped on the carpet a couple of times since she got back (something she hadn’t done since she was a tiny kitten) the vet reckons that she may have the cat equivalent of post traumatic stress! But she seems to love being home again


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