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“‘Cause I forgot that you left me behind to remind me of you” September 19, 2012

Today, September 19th, would have been my Dad’s 81st birthday. But sadly he died in 2001 shortly after his 70th birthday just 5 days out of his 60s. I still miss him a lot and I often wonder what he would think about where my life has gone since he died. For my whole life there were always two Bill Adamsons in my family; me and my Dad, yes we shared exactly the same name. But since 24th September 2001 I have been the only one. But then I do see my Dad every morning when I shave and I hear him in the way I laugh. I sometimes wonder if I am in fact turning into him and frankly that wouldn’t be a bad thing. I was and always will be proud of my dad as both a father and a man. Time may heal, but that gap in your life after you lose a parent always remains. I’m sure that many of you who have lost a parent will have similar memories too and if it would help you to share them feel free to add a comment with your own feelings about sadly departed parents.

Obviously I have to include some music in this post, this is a music blog after all. So I have chosen four songs; Rod Stewart‘s version of “Sailing” as that was his favourite song ever. “The Living Years” from Mike and the Mechanics as that song made me reflect a lot after dad died and yes I cried a few times at that one. Next is the song that my Mum chose to have played at his funeral, “I Can’t Stop Loving You” by Ray Charles. Finally I felt that I had to include Mike Skinner‘s fabulous Streets track “Never Went To Church” as that is all about coming to terms with the loss of his own father and provides the title for this post. In the words of Roland in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series ‘do you remember the face of your father?’ Well i do and I always will. Enjoy the music Dad, these are for you.


4 Responses to ““‘Cause I forgot that you left me behind to remind me of you””

  1. cerebus660 Says:

    Beautiful words and sentiments, Bill. Very moving. Losing a parent is obviously one of the most significant and traumatic events in anyone’s life, and the best we can do is honour their memories and keep them always in our minds.

    If you’ve got a minute, I wrote a very similar post about my dad, Pete @

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts and all the best,
    cerebus660 ( Simon )


    • justwilliam1959 Says:

      Simon, thanks for your kind comments

      I have read your equally moving post about Pete. he must have been born in the same year as my Dad. 1931?

      I also realised how much I love getting comments on my blog and how crap I am at commenting on other peoples! So I made the effort of commenting on yous




  2. cerebus660 Says:

    Cheers, Bill! I love getting comments, too! It makes this whole blogging business seem worthwhile 🙂

    Yes, Pete was indeed born in 1931, part of that pre-baby boomer generation who grew up in the austere war years. He was a farmer’s son who dreamed of running away to sea but, like Jimmy Stewart in It’s A Wonderful Life, never made it. He stayed on the farm and spent his life caring for the animals and the land, and working damn hard. He had only been retired for eighteen months when we lost him to a stroke. He was playing golf at the time, his favourite pastime, so it’s probably the way he would have wanted to go…

    Here’s to Bill senior and Pete! Inspirations…


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