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“And back it up like a Tonka truck” June 30, 2014


Apparently Jennifer Lopez a.k.a J-Lo has her bottom a.k.a bum, arse, ass, rear, backside, posterior, derriere insured for $16.3 million. What a cheek! That is a spanking big amount! She must have done it for the craic! As you can see one of the reasons that I decided to post this information is to allow me to include some rubbish bottom related humour. Feel free to stop arseing around and contribute some of your own bottom related humour and bum puns good people of the blogosphere.


I would also like to know when the insurance company would pay out on that policy. If the said buttocks are damaged perhaps or I suppose they could be stolen. just imagine the reward poster for the latter!


4 Responses to ““And back it up like a Tonka truck””


    I enjoyed this post thanks for sharing
    ~ American Male Contributor B.W.


  2. Alvaro Arbeloa Says:

    That’s Jessica Burciaga, not J-Lo


  3. […] Click here to read my original post regarding J-Lo‘s rear-end. I know that the main picture isn’t her, but when I searched for a picture that is what came up. It is in fact Jessica Burciaga. Anyway given the current interest in this, frankly, rather attractive part of J-Lo I simply had to post a link to the video for her new song “Booty” (featuring PitBull) didn’t I? Anyway I have no shame so if that is the kind of thing that brings you to my blog then that is spankingly good! […]


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