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Julian Cope – Fibbers, York – Wednesday 20th May 2015 CANCELLED! May 20, 2015

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Julian has a message for his fans in York!

Julian has a message for his fans in York!

OK here goes with possibly my shortest gig review ever. Julian turned up at the venue complained about the lighting and fucked off home! Mr Cope you are not just a talented eccentric as I used to think; you are a twat, a diva, an arse, a tosser and someone who really couldn’t give a shit about his fans! Julian Cope you are the second biggest cunt in the world!

Julian fails to see the light!

Julian fails to see the light!


7 Responses to “Julian Cope – Fibbers, York – Wednesday 20th May 2015 CANCELLED!”

  1. Tom Says:

    Who is the first? The PM?


  2. chrisolley Says:

    What exactly was it that wasn’t right for him? I worked with him for years and would agree with everything you say about him!


    • I hear that it was the lighting, but I also heard that he had a hissy fit when he was told that he couldn’t park his car outside the venue for a quick getaway. Well he could have done but given the double yellow lines he would have been clamped! Incidentally if you worked for him for that long and you would be happy to do an interview for my blog I would love to hear from you. As long as there is nothing libellous of course!


  3. chrisolley Says:

    I remember him trying to pull a gig in Glasgow once because he was having a hissy about the load in but we just put the gear on the stage. It’s about time people knew about the real Julian Cope, he’s a complete narcissistic personality disorder on legs. I’m sick of hearing the ‘crazy LSD eccentric’ stories, he’s just a cunt, in my opinion.


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