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Introducing the magnificent Northern Exposure webzine! January 26, 2016

Filed under: Review — justwilliam1959 @ 3:56 pm


I am such a tart when it comes to writing about music! Well maybe not but I do love all kinds of music and I am really proud to be involved in a small way with the launch of a fantastic new webzine by the amazing Rachel Brown. The webzine is called Northern Exposure and you can find it by clicking here. The first piece I have written for Rachel was about David Bowie, now that won’t be a surprise to regular readers. To read my article click here.

Get yourself some tickets to the launch party! I might see you there!

Get yourself some tickets to the launch party! I might see you there!

Anyway check out Northern Exposure and let Rachel know what you think! You will not be disappointed it really is a great site and a great read!

As the site is new and I contributed a David Bowie song there was only ever going to be one video on this post. It’s the late Dame himself with “Absolute Beginners”


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