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“Should I pursue a path so twisted?” June 5, 2016

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"Patti with Bolex-1, 1969"

Last night I dreamt that I met with Patti Smith before one of her gigs. Which is strange as up to now I have sadly never seen her play live, although I would love to. She was stood behind the Merch stand when I came into the dream. But she wasn’t selling badges, posters, stickers and t-shirts, she was making and selling a wide range of sandwiches. She was also offering advice about how to make the perfect sandwich, regretfully I am unable to recall that advice from my dream memory.


Incidentally I had a magnificent egg mayo sandwich. As often happens in dreams Patti asked me a totally unrelated question. “Are you married?” she said. I replied “Yes I am, to my beautiful second wife Catherine a.k.a Catwoman“. “I see” said Patti, “So you have an ex-wife?”. I responded with “Yes and I have two ex kids too”.

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It was at this point that I woke up. No drugs were consumed in the making of this dream and just a small amount of alcohol. I am really not sure what this dream says about me. As for ex kids, well my children have chosen to be estranged from me, so ex kids is as good a description as any! Finally this does give me a chance to share some classic Patti Smith tunes.



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