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“I looked like a rooster that was drowned and raised again” February 5, 2017

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One of my favourite Alice Cooper tracks is one of his lesser known singles which barely scraped into the US top 50 and peaked at number 12 in the UK. It is taken from the 1973 album ‘Muscle Of Love‘ and considering that it was released in 1973 it is to some folk confusingly titled “Teenage Lament ’74”. I used to have the album and the single on vinyl. So why am I telling you this? Well I learnt something about the song this week that I never knew before, or maybe I knew but had forgotten it. Anyway that little trivia nugget is that backing vocals on “Teenage Lament ’74” were provided by Liza Minelli.

This really is a strange video indeed!




2 Responses to ““I looked like a rooster that was drowned and raised again””

  1. obbop Says:

    Excellent song!!! Good post!!! Listening to it now with playback on one of those new-fangled USB “thumb drive” contraptions. Owned the vinyl quadraphonic “Muscle of Love” LP until I sold it on eBay for big bucks.

    I view the tune as the anthem for the Boomer generation… especially the Generation Jones segment of the Baby Boomer cohort. Crazy times but so are the current times. Similarities and differences between then and now. Just as it will be in the future and the future after that and on and on.

    Good to see a post about Teenage Lament ’74. Was considering creating a post for my blog about the song. Doing a bit of research before doing so. I would mention my liking the song a lot and then mention demographics regarding the Generation Jones aspect of the Baby Boom generation.

    Off I go wandering the Web. Like your post.


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