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“Somebody better put you back into your place” July 30, 2017

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When Queen recorded “We Will Rock You” back in 1977 at Wessex Sound Studios in Highbury North London they and Producer Roy Thomas- Baker wanted to get a full and powerful stomp to back it up. Everyone in the studio was rounded up to provide that now familiar stomping and clapping refrain, essentially everyone stamped their feet twice and clapped their hands on the offbeat. Now not only was everyone in the studio involved but so was Betty the Tea Lady. No one remembers much about her other than her name was Betty, she made the tea at Wessex Sound Studios and that she lived next door to the studio.

So in my opinion Betty is one of the many unsung and uncredited people in rock’s grand history. Now I know it’s a long shot but if Betty or one of her friends or relatives is reading this I would love to talk to you to get a bigger profile on line for Betty! Yes I know it’s 40 years ago, but I really would love to pull this off!


9 Responses to ““Somebody better put you back into your place””

  1. Andy Golborne Says:

    News of the World is one of Queens finest albums -tea lady or not. Released in the wake of punk they has a go themselves with the track “sheer heart attack” . There’s the mighty opening duo of WWRY and Champions but as with all of their best albums features a great mix of songs from the 4 writers. Two of my favourite Queen songs -Spread your Wings and the mighty “It’s Late” are there and the album closes with Freddies lovely Melancholy Blues. A stripped back sound throughout – less of the massive overdubbing which had been all over A Day at the Races etc. Also recorded from the subsequent tour is the equally raw and equally fabulous “Live Killers”.


  2. John Edwards Says:

    Hi I’m one of betty Edwards 5 children please get back


  3. […] of the Queen classic “We Will Rock You” after reading a piece in Classic Rock magazine. Click here to read that post. The band and Producer Roy Thomas Baker wanted to get a full and powerful stomp […]


  4. Stuart Stawman Says:

    I was an engineer at Wessex through the 80’s and Betty was an absolute gem and a wonderful soul. Betty met so many great names; along with those you’ve already listed there’d be Tina Turner, XTC, Robert Plant, Elvis Costello, David Gilmour, TalkTalk, and the list literally goes on and on. She once confided in me that the person she had been most excited to meet was Des O’Conner!

    But one name is missing in this wonderful honouring of Betty Edwards and that’s ‘Bugsy’ the studio cat. Betty loved and cared for Bugsy, and helped stave off the unique smells she brought to the studio scene. Bugsy once gave me a whole new perspective on life when she showed ‘zero response’ to being in the same response as Pete Townshend! I can send a picture of her through if you like?


  5. Sebastian Says:

    Roy wasn’t involved with the making of ‘News of the World’. He did the first four Queen albums and the seventh one (Jazz) but not this one. Mike Stone was the co-producer and chief engineer, and he was the one who, alongside Brian, directed everyone into stomping and clapping and then the two of them put the delays in prime numbers creating that unique sound.


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