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12 Days To Christmas – Day 3 – Henry Hudson December 15, 2017

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Day 3 on the trip and countdown to Christmas and the theme of famous people from history in songs continues. Today it is a song titled “Hudson” from the particularly magnificent Vampire Weekend. The lyrics are based on a poem that the band’s singer Ezra Koenig once wrote about seafarer Henry Hudson. The song was included on the band’s 2013 US number one album ‘Modern Vampires Of The City’.


Henry Hudson was in search of a North West Passage to Asia and on one such trip in 1611 he was cast adrift by his crew, along with his son and seven others. The crew mutinied as they did not want to proceed any further. Hudson and his party were never seen again. His legacy is that the Hudson Bay and Hudson River are named after him. Nothing much is known of his early years other than he was English and was born most likely somewhere between 1565 and 1570.



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