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With Just A Hint Of Mayhem is ten years old! Part 6 February 5, 2019

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Day 6 of the 10th birthday celebrations for With Just A Hint Of Mayhem is here. Today it is my ten favourite male artists of all time. I suspect that some of you might be surprised by some of those included. Obviously this is in no particular order. Regular readers will know that so far I have shared with you top ten most viewed posts on the blog since it began back in February 2009, the top ten countries that have given With Just A Hint Of Mayhem the most views, rock/ music related books, biographies and autobiographies, my top 10 Bowie songs and yesterday my 10 favourite bands of all time. (Click here, here, here, here and here to view those again). Stay tuned, there are still four top tens to come after this! What will they be? Well sign up, follow or just check out this site regularly to find out! What are your favourite male singers, be they current, ancient or no longer with us? Incidentally I can tell you that one of the remaining top tens will be my favourite female singers.

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So in no particular order, other than Johnny Nash has the greatest singing voice there has ever been in my opinion here are my top ten male artists; Johnny Nash, David Bowie, Frank Turner, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Jeff Buckley, Neil Young and John Lennon

I do not believe that there has been a better vocalist in my lifetime than Johnny Nash. I absolutely love the soul and clarity of his vocals. If I believed in them this man would have the voice of an angel

I was a David Bowie fan from the moment I saw this iconic Top Of The pops performance of “Starman”

Gotta love Mr Turner and “I won’t sit down, I won’t shut up, but most of all I will not grow up” is a mantra for life. well it is for mine anyway!

Sure he got bloated and died young and his post army 60s output was often very poor there is no denying that Elvis was an incredible singer.

It took me a while to appreciate Mr Zimmerman but now I think he is a genius. “Hurricane” is probably my favourite Dylan song. I love how the anger and passion comes through.

Another artist taken from us far too young, Marley was a talented genius and deserved the title of the first third world superstar.

I love Stevie Wonder so much that I can just about forgive him for “I Just Called To say I Love You” and “Ebony And Ivory”

How hugely successful would this Buckley bloke have been had he not died so young? A world straddling superstar in my opinion. Has there ever been a voice like this before or since?

Mr Young takes no prisoners and does things his way, sure some of his stuff doesn’t work but the vast majority of it goes way beyond just working.

John Lennon has always been my favourite Beatle and I love so much of his solo stuff, apart from “Imagine”, I really can’t stand that!



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