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EYEBALL – “Crawling Creatures” February 6, 2019

Trey McLamb, Myriam Martian, Brian Oaksford and Aaron Albrecht  are EYEBALL and they are from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Well maybe they are not actually from Raleigh, their Bio says that “EYEBALL is a collective of beings who combine their music with effects, noise, and feedback to venture beyond the astral realm of psychedelic neo-space rock.” Having listened to their new tune “Crawling Creatures” I don’t think that Bio goes anywhere near far enough. It is a sublime slice of weird, slacker drone and at times proggy and  shoegazey music. If you imagine that the Doors didn’t only name themselves after Aldous Huxley’s ‘The Doors Of Perception’ but that they actually opened those doors of perception and crawled right through into another somewhat warped parallel universe. Well if Jim Morrison and his gang had done that then they would have been transformed into EYEBALL. I have said on many occasions that just being weird is not enough, but being weird and incredibly talented is. EYEBALL are certainly weird and on the evidence provided by “Crawling Creatures” they are also supremely talented. I definitely want to hear more from this lot!




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