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With Just A Hint Of Mayhem – Singles Round-Up 2020 Part 13 September 27, 2020

Here we are with our thirteenth singles round-up of 2020. This one features five great tunes, which crept out into this currently horrible world over the past few weeks with a mission to make it better. These five songs include more great bands and singers from London, Bangor, Rugby (via West Lothian), Raleigh (North Carolina) and Canada . Two of these acts have appeared on With Just A Hint Of Mayhem before; Dying Habit and Eyeball and I am confident that everyone of this lot will appear again sometime in the future. Get into these great tunes right now!

“Mother” – The Dead Zoo

Jon, Gabby, Kaoru and Somrata are the Dead Zoo and this is their first single. It is a cover of a song originally by Puffy (aka Puffy AmiYumi a Japanese pop rock duo), an act completely new to me, as are the Dead Zoo. The tune has a real laid back 60s west coast feel with overlays of jangly indie guitar and an undercurrent of UK post punk. Kaoru’s hauntingly beautiful vocals wash over you and hypnotise you into a relaxed dreamlike state. She has incredible clarity in her vocal delivery. I assume the lyrics are Japanese, and I do not understand any of them, but it is such a classy track who cares! The video is nicely done using Zoom or something similar, as a bonus you also get to see Jon the drummer in a onesie! Regular readers know that my name is Bill, but the Dead Zoo are the only group of people in the world allowed to call me Helen! If I told you why I would have to kill you 😉

“Honestly” – Dying Habit

This is the third appearance at Mayhem Towers for Bangor’s finest rock band Dying Habit, to be fair they are also one of the UK’s best bands. This track came out a few weeks ago. “Honestly” is a hard rocking tune with a nod to pop sensibility. It showcases a band that really know their stuff and seem to work together effortlessly. I want to see them live even more now! The video gives the songs undercurrent of darkness a lighter touch with the two protagonists having some rather spiffing paint fun!

“I Love You, You’re The Worst” – Emily Burns

Now this is a stunningly well produced dark pop tune reminiscent of Lily Allen and Kate Nash lyrically. It is underpinned with a real classy modern R & B feel. It crept into my head and took up residence on the first listen. The video, with Emily playing a multitude of characters is rather splendid too!

“Paralyze (Theme for a Recurring Film)” – Eyeball

A marvellous instrumental piece of trippy, proggy synth which would fit perfectly on the soundtrack of the darkest David Lynch film. The sound is like an orchestral Giorgio Moroder inspired piece. Eyeball’s bio claims they are from North Carolina, I think that is fake news, I believe they have emanated from a bizarre parallel universe. A universe where proggy, synth rock is king and Eyeball are it’s royal family!

“The Social” – DJ Shub (feat. Phoenix)

This is an inspiring example of how to use your voice for good. It has some first class and very phat beats and a wonderful use of Native American chants. Vocally I was reminded of Lauryn Hill at her Fugees peak. Not only is this a great tune it supports Black Lives Matter and points out that Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Matter. All proceeds from this song will go to organizations benefiting these initiatives that are very dear to DJ Shub and Phoenix’s hearts. America needs this right now, hell the world needs this passion for life right now given the extreme racist regimes that exist on the planet today!

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With Just A Hint Of Mayhem – Singles Round-Up 2020 Part 3 April 22, 2020

We are still catching up with reviews during this COVID-19 lockdown. So here is our third 2020 singles round-up.

These five tracks feature another eclectic mix of bands from as far afield as Melbourne, (Australia), Raleigh (USA), Berlin (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden) and of course the UK. All of these acts, apart from EYEBALL, are new to With Just A Hint Of Mayhem too. Enjoy!

“Forget It”Mid City

This is a tuneful slab pop-punk perfection that hits you right in the face from the off, but in a good way. The snarly, surly vocals from Joel Griffith are how I imagine the devil in Brandon Flowers to sing. It is a song where the drums are mixed nice and loud with thundering bass and some rifftacular guitar from Ben Woodmason. Mid City have the sass and swagger, and obviously, the talent, to go much further!

“Visions Of A Moment Made”Eyeball

A dreamy psychedelic workout from the wonderfully weird and sonically superb Eyeball from North Carolina. This wonderful tune haunts your mind long after the final note. Another shoegaze, slacker masterpiece from this lot, with some Giorgio Moroder film score elements in the synths! Check them out, you will not regret it! Out now coupled with “Delerium” on ‘Spectromania’.

“Soul Divider”Deepshade

A warped garage rock workout designed for the dance floor like something that Liam Gallagher and Death In Vegas or Noel Gallagher and the Chemical Brothers didn’t have the balls to release. This a hard, stabbing piece of rock with some dark dance influences. I bloody love it! I can picture myself at a Deepshade gig sitting in the corner and floating into another dimension on the strength of their music!

“Wrong” – Larwood & Koh

Rap for me is either brilliant or awful, this is beyond brilliant and it is also British. Larwood really knows how to cipher and his speed and clarity are outstanding. Then there is the amazing video to accompany “Wrong”. My only advice is, do not watch it after imbibing copious amounts of alcohol (other stimulants are available!) because it will fuck up your dreams! But now I have a real need for more Larwood & Koh.

“From Procession To Refraction”Yair Elazar Glotman & Mats Erlandsson

This track is cinematic in scope and sits perfectly as a perfectly constructed prog-rock piece. It oozes feelings of menace, hope, and confusion it is a masterful and immensely beautiful drone that after a couple of listens relaxes my mind and placates my soul. Possibly the most beautiful instrumental track I have encountered in years! Check out some older stuff from them here.

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EYEBALL – “Crawling Creatures” February 6, 2019

Trey McLamb, Myriam Martian, Brian Oaksford and Aaron Albrecht  are EYEBALL and they are from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Well maybe they are not actually from Raleigh, their Bio says that “EYEBALL is a collective of beings who combine their music with effects, noise, and feedback to venture beyond the astral realm of psychedelic neo-space rock.” Having listened to their new tune “Crawling Creatures” I don’t think that Bio goes anywhere near far enough. It is a sublime slice of weird, slacker drone and at times proggy and  shoegazey music. If you imagine that the Doors didn’t only name themselves after Aldous Huxley’s ‘The Doors Of Perception’ but that they actually opened those doors of perception and crawled right through into another somewhat warped parallel universe. Well if Jim Morrison and his gang had done that then they would have been transformed into EYEBALL. I have said on many occasions that just being weird is not enough, but being weird and incredibly talented is. EYEBALL are certainly weird and on the evidence provided by “Crawling Creatures” they are also supremely talented. I definitely want to hear more from this lot!




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