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“Embers” – InFade June 2, 2019

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Carl from InFade contacted me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing their new single “Embers”. I was always going to do it, but I moved it much closer to the top of the pile when he described their sound as ‘Tool meets Earth Wind and Fire!’ That description sold it to me, but the question is can the track live up to it? Well, I reckon it can. It is a mountainous slab of hard rock, with a funk feel in the bass and drums. “Embers” has a great melodic feel and builds slowly, with an undercurrent of menace, to a crescendo that might register in the Richter scale at times. I have always believed that Yorkshire’s current generation of bands is strong, now that I have heard InFade from Leeds I am even more committed in that belief.

This track also carries the kind of soft-loud alternation that the Pixies mastered and Kurt Cobain was a fan of. In some of the softer moments singer, Max has a slight nod towards Peter Gabriel’s vocals. I can also detect a Biffy Clyro influence and let’s face it that is no bad thing. The lyrics have inherent power and appear to be about lost love and the grieving that loss in painful aftermath. I have listened to some of their other stuff and after that, I am definitely a fan. Click here to check out some earlier InFade releases on SoundCloud. The dictionary definition of embers is a small piece of burning or glowing coal or wood in a dying fire’. This song is much bigger than a small piece of glowing coal and InFade is more inferno than dying fire. The new single is officially launched with a gig at the 360 Club in Leeds on 28th June. In a live environment “Embers” will take on an anthemic life of its own. Be there or be square!

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