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Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Podcast July 20, 2019

I have just uploaded another With Just A Hint Of Mayhem podcast. It outlines my views on the Apollo 11 moon landing from 50 years ago. How exciting that was to me and my thoughts on what has happened since, accompanied by a soundtrack of some of my favourite space, moon and Apollo tunes. Click here to check it out. I would love to hear your views too.


One Response to “Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Podcast”

  1. Geoff M Says:

    Hi Again, just listened to your latest podcast of the Apollo 11 moon landing and your music tracks therein, space is a subject I am actually fascinated about..as usual a g8 observation by you again !! I tend to agree that we could have done more by now..(although that Voyagers trip was fantastic, sending back photos of those FAR planets).on the radio the other day, they mentioned the 3rd astronaut Michael Collins, I think his name was, and they were saying that although he had a less dramatic role if you like, he had to be in readiness to return home if Buzz and Neil did not return for some reason, so that was HUGE..!! You mentioned that you were playing with toy soldiers then, 5 years before the moon landing, I was collecting Mars Attacks bubble gum cards, which you have probably heard of, where the Martians attacked the Earth, a great set of 55 cards which I still have the full set of to this day…anyway, some good tracks you played there and a great little blog(AGAIN)..interesting thing that I found out the other week……Pluto has only the surface area of Russia – what a tiny planet !!!!!……keep up the good work…I am a big fan of it..!!
    Geoff M.


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