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‘Measure EP’ – Heavy Lungs October 12, 2019

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Bristol’s Heavy Lungs have just released their new 5-Track EP ‘Measure’ on Balley Records, it is their third EP. It has a late 70s post-punk feel and the aural assault of EP opener “Half Full” has tones of Scary Monsters era Bowie, Bauhaus, and even Suicide. It opens with a long feedback and weird noise overture. Danny Nedelko’s voice is a perfect raspy punk with an angry undercurrent. Nedelko has a great claim to fame beyond Heavy Lungs, he is the subject of “Danny Nedelko” a tune by Idles a band who Heavy Lungs are very close to having toured with them regularly. “Self Worth” strikes me as something that Lydon’s first Public Image Limited incarnation might have recorded. If you want an epic festival anthem in the making check out the towering and frantic “T.O.T.B”, it is a complete mental mind warp that seeps into your soul like one of Edgar Allen Poe’s darkest creations. Have Heavy Lungs invented a new sub-genre with this track? Goth-Punk anyone? There is a rather excellent video to accompany 2019 single and the first track released from this EP “(A Bit Of A) Birthday”. But while the video is bloody good the song stands perfectly on its own too. It has a 70s Glam Rock feel to it but with some tight yet mountainous punk riffs and pays a debt to Tin Machine. The EP closes with “Pacemaker” perhaps the softest track on the EP, but don’t be fooled this is still harder than many of their contemporaries. I really don’t know how I have missed out on Heavy Lungs up to now, but I am damned glad that I have found them! There is plenty of time to still catch them on tour (see dates below), if you can then sell whatever you need to in order to grab a ticket!



Dates with an asterisk are headline shows

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