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“Black Rainbow” – Wah Wah Club February 17, 2020

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Who said Milton Keynes was dull and nothing exciting ever happened there? Well, quite a few people but right now those people would be so very wrong. The rather exciting Wah Wah Club come from the city of concrete cows and they are a spectacularly talented band who deserve obscene levels of success. They have a new single out now it is the title track from their new EP of the same name. The soundscape of “Black Rainbow” conjures up what might have happened had Marc Bolan lived and gone on to record with My Chemical Romance. Wah Wah Club are a compelling powerful bunch who know the value of emotional vocals and riffs that could create a mountain range.

Dan Buckland on Guitar and Vocals, Marc Laskey on Guitar and Backing Vox, Drummer Tommy Carr and Lee Smith on bass guitar and more backing vox have the potential to be one of the best breakout bands of 2020. “Black Rainbow” is a dark complex and emotional powerhouse of a twisted rock love song accompanied by an absolutely stunning and at times bizarre video. But Wah Wah Club have so much more to offer, the EP is already vying to be among my favourite releases of 2020 and it isn’t even the end of February yet. Of the other tracks on the EP, “Heist” came out as a single last year and “Ballad Of A Bully” epitomises everything that is great about the heavier side of British rock in the 21st Century. Meanwhile, just when you think that things could not get any better the EP closes with “Seatbelt Constrictor” a festival of screaming guitars and deep dark riffs that might have been constructed by Lucifer’s minions in the very depths of hell. The production throughout is sharp and captures a band that seems to know just how good they are and maybe how great they could become! I need to see these boys live very soon. Get Wah Wah Club into your life now, that is an order!

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