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‘PENGSHUi’ – PENGSHUi March 9, 2020

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Pengshui,s first album, on MVKA Records, is a dangerous mix of punk rock ideals and a grimy attitude. It’s a vicious cocktail of monstrously bangin’ tunes with great rhyming over the top. “Wiseman” is one of the outstanding tracks a little more cool than its raucous mates.

Throughout the album, the energy level does not drop for one nanosecond. “Leave It” with its challenging language and “No Joke” both carry a heavy flavour of violence laced with more than a hint of the late great Keith Flint’s coruscating vocal style, fired out over a spectacular looping riff. “Rise” is carried on a frantic backbeat and “Control” builds to a spectacular full-on climax. On “Blame” the double-tracked vocals bring added menace and when the band says “Nobody Cares” you know that they are tapping into the fearsome style of none other than Mr. John Lydon. The absolute highlight though is their superb and respectful take on the Prodigy track “Light Up The Sky”. Pengshui absolutely brings something new to this already great track. Live I can imagine these boys will more than fill the room and the mosh pit must be a thrilling place to hang out. Fatty, Illaman and excellent drummer Pravvy Prav have tapped into a new energy source and on this evidence, they are gonna drain every last drop. This music is for real with a no-bullshit attitude to all the hangups and problems of now.

A little more variation in the vibe would be nice but if you want mega loud tunes with gargantuan riffs and in yer face rhyming then this trio surely brings the noise in no uncertain terms.

Ave it!

This review was written by Paul Bamlett

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