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“Masquerade” EP – Mother April 8, 2020

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Mother are a magnificent new band from Oxford. They have a new EP out called “Masquerade” and it is one of the best I heard in a long time. Fronted by vocalist Ignatius J Harris this band really pack some punch. Their first EP was produced by Mark Gardiner from the legendary Ride and this one is produced by Chris Barker of Willie J Healey and Premium Leisure and great production it is too!

We start with “Strangers”, which has a strong melancholic tincture of  Arctic Monkeys about it but that is not at all a bad thing. This track, in common with everything here, has a big helping of swagger.

Next up we have “Pretty Face”. This has a real bite and snarl about it. Fully equipped with a staggeringly good riff and excellent vocals this is a superb track. The rhythm section underpins this brilliantly and lends a real menace to this track, ending with a hint of Pistols style sneer.

“White Lies” summons up the Arctic’s comparisons again but as with every track, Mother add this to their own style and make it totally their own.

The alt-rock sound that opens the title track is a real breath of fresh air and “Masquerade” features beautifully impassioned vocals. A dark and cynical feel to this one which fades away to an echoey conclusion.

“LA” is a truly punchy song carried along on a bed of pulsing bass and drums.

“School Days” features some great guitar work and lovely keyboards. There’s a touch of an Iggy style croon here and this track really drips with sass and style.

Mother have completely and utterly got that “thing” that you find so rarely. You can see them getting that all-important break very soon. They are the tightest band I have heard in a long time from a rhythmic point of view. They have had praise and more importantly play from the legend that is Tom Robinson and have gigged with local (and national) hero Gaz Coombes so they definitely have the stuff to go all the way and stay there. Mother are not only one to watch, but they are also compulsory listening!

Written by Paul Bamlett

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