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“Raving And Drooling” – Sheratons April 9, 2020

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The Sheratons, one of Leeds most vibrant bands, have unleashed a new single, their third, on the world. It is an absolute banger that combines elements of the best of classic rock and a punky attitude. It is also something that will get everyone on the floor at Indie clubs and student discos. (Do they still have the latter or am I showing my age?) It was produced by Sugar House productions of Viola Beach and Glass Caves fame. You can sense the anger in Kane’s vocal delivery in this anti-drug treatise. This is underpinned by some spectacular hard rock riffing and screaming guitar from Finley. All of this is underpinned by a rhythm section that is comparable to Entwistle and Moon when the Who were at their peak with Alex on pounding bass and Emma smacking her drums to within an inch of their life. Music is a great positive in these strange days and this song will definitely brighten your day, I bloody love this song and this band. The Sheratons are getting plenty of radio airplay right now and in my humble opinion, they are destined for much bigger things!

The Sheratons, doing a Jackson Pollock. Presumably just after painting the cover for the single!

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