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‘From Darkness, Light’ – Brudini May 8, 2020

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Brudini has attracted attention from New York Punk legend Danny Fields (Iggy, Doors, Ramones ) and has co-started at a sold-out Soho underground alt cabaret. Louder than War love his music a great deal and on the basis of this delicately structured and striking debut it is easy to see why. Opening track “Roselight” sets the tone. Spoken word over an intriguing backing. Next track “Nightcrawler” picks up the beat in a gentle way. The vocals sound great over the sympathetic backing of drums and guitar, the introduction of keyboards adds an extra layer. Backing vocals add still further depth. The spoken word tracks are well balanced and add an extra dimension. “Hunger” is a poetic moment.

“Reflections” leads off on a great repeated bass line. The drums have a jazz feel. Brudini’s captivating voice returns to give us a hint of Michael Stipe and the instrumental section is stunning. The strings add depth and this track ends on a beautiful piano coda. It’s easy to see why this was chosen as a single. “Female Rimbaud” is more of the spoken word over a guitar phrase leading to “Emotional Outlaw” which has a driving feel. A hint of the Doors is evident here with the rhythm and almost chanted vocals. “Pale Gold” is introduced by a tuba and features a march meets tango feel. There is a Chanson feel and the introduction of a Mariachi band adds to the tracks strange melancholy. “God Unknown”‘s spoken word introduces “Radiant Man”. This track has the feel of an ethereal Glen Campbell. The vocals are pure and laced with quality. There is a strong piano figure and for me, this is the standout track of the whole album. This is a beautifully crafted track.

More poetry leads us into “Everything Is Movement”. Found sounds echo around the wonderfully tremulous vocal. A slower piece that fades away.
This excellent album closes on the slow but interesting “Boulevards”. There is a slight tip of the hat to “Space Oddity” here whether intentional or not. The theremin sounds which have been present throughout bring the track to a falling end. Brudini has been compared to other artists such as Nick Cave and Sufjan Stevens but this is original stuff and when gigs return I will be watching the press for shows by this extraordinary new artist.

Written by Paul Bamlett

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