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Mayhem Virgins – Worry Party May 13, 2020

This is the eighth post in the Mayhem Virgins series  It began in November 2017 and only covers artists that I have never mentioned or featured before. The honour this time around goes to Worry Party a delightful ambient electro combo from the north of England. The band consists of Steven Chell on vox, guitar and keys, guitarist Chris Old, vocalist Laura Hilton and Glenn Whitfield on bass. Their sound is akin to symphonic film soundtracks with angelic ethereal vocals gliding masterfully over a chilled electro backing. Their first EP, ‘Souvenirs’, was released in March and contains four tracks; “Traveller”, “Beach Blood”, “True North” and “Waves”. But that is not all you get, there are remixes and instrumentals of each track. As an extended listen it is stunning. It saw me through a large part of my supermarket night shift recently. It also works as a beautiful soundscape to sit down and chill with a Jack Daniels on the rocks late at night when the rest of the world is mostly quiet.

I can hear a snatch of Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro in Steven Chell’s voice, especially on “True North”. The sounds bring to mind the likes of Mogwai and Four Tet for me. Apparently, ‘Souvenirs’ began life as a passion project never intended for release, it was written and recorded over the course of six months in Steven’s spare room. Then after feedback, it was reimagined and will become the core of more full-band electronic gigs going forward, well at least when COVID-19 is killed. Worry Party issued a surprise new instrumental track “The Reef” very recently and it adds to that sublime cinematic scope showcased on the EP. They have also recorded a wonderful cover of Placebo’s “Nancy Boy” that I think is one of the best covers I have heard in quite a while. For me a cover needs to be very different from the original and Worry Party have taken the song somewhere else completely, I would love to know what Brian Molko thinks of this version. Laura Hilton’s vocal performance on the song is as close to perfect as is possible. I get a sense of Beth Gibbons in her delivery too. It is well worth getting Worry Party in your life, you will not regret it!

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