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With Just A Hint Of Mayhem – Singles Round-Up 2020 Part 6 June 4, 2020

Into the sixth month of 2020 and here is our sixth singles round-up of the year so far and this one features six tunes, wait a minute that says 666 right? Quite appropriate for this year maybe. So to take your mind of this utterly shit year take a listen to these corkers, I love them and I think you will too.

These six tracks feature another eclectic mix of bands and singers from London, York, Essex, Wakefield, and Spennymoor. All of these acts are new to With Just A Hint Of Mayhem and I reckon they will all feature again sometime in the future. Get on them now!


“Playing For Keeps”Jamws

“Playing For Keeps” is the first track to be released from South London’s multi-instrumentalist Jamws EP ‘Toronto’. It is a languid, leisurely funk work out which makes me think of George Michael fronting a 70s US funk band. It has a positively blissful vibe and if the quality of the EP is as good as this track, then I strongly advise you to get hold of it when it hits the world on 19th June! If you are feeling down the “Playing For Keeps” is the perfect tonic to pick you up.

“State Of Mind”Alice Simmons

Alice is a young singer-songwriter from my adopted city of York. “State Of Mind” is her new single and it has an ethereal, haunting melody that hooks into your psyche so easily. It has a really dark feel to it, almost Nick Caveesque, although Alice’s vocal has the feel of an angel struggling with the dark side of its conscience. At times I heard a trace of Tracy Thorn in Alice’s voice. This woman has a latent talent and I urge you to check her out. I am looking forward to more Alice Simmons tunes.

“Deep Sea Dreaming” – Ocean Flaws

Ocean Flaws from Essex have a great name, I love that ambiguous wordplay element to it. But they are more than just a name they are adept at producing perfect slices of electronica driven dance-pop which harks back to the best tunes involving Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yazoo, and Erasure) but with vocals and dance vibes reminiscent of the Beloved. The Oscillate remix of this track would work incredibly well at the tail end of an all-night rave in a disused warehouse. If you are a fan of Apollo Junction then Ocean Flaws might be right up your street!

“Angelina” – Ascendo

A fine riff-laden slab of indie rock from these lads from Wakefield. The song has a feel of early Arctic Monkeys but with a dirtier, more grungey garage rock feel to it. I can imagine this song becoming a live anthem for them, roll on the day when we are allowed to have gigs again. Ascendo are now most definitely on my list of bands to see post-COVID-19.

“Deep Blue Sea” – Noise Noir

This is a rampaging riff-fest scuzzy, heavy, blues sound. Kelly Chard’s voice oozes with passionate power as she takes us through a treatise on living with depression. This is one majestical monolith of fucked up and fuzzed-out rock. Noise Noir deliver the goods better than many contemporaries. Coming off the back of last years “I Don’t Need You” this new song just proves that Noise Noir mean it…..Man!

“Time” – Conrad Ashton

Conrad is a singer-songwriter from Spennymoor in the northeast of England. “Time” runs at a frantic pace powered by a what sounds like a great band but is actually multi-instrumentalist Conrad playing everything! Conrad’s vocals emanate power mixed with an undercurrent of fragility and emotion. For me, there is a seventies vibe to this tune and Conrad’s voice has tonal qualities similar to Chris Norman of Smokie and perhaps a slightly softer take on Noddy Holder too. It is well worth checking out his 2015 album ‘One For The Road’ too. I hope the next one is every bit as good and if “Time” is a good taster it will be.

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  1. […] some truth in that, but when they have the depth and quality of the sublime, lilting ballad “State Of Mind” I don’t really mind at all. But for all the sad songs Alice is most definitely a happy […]


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