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‘Amputate Corporate Art’ – The K June 10, 2020

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The K are from Belgium and they are a really noisy bunch of guys. If you like your music loud and anchored on big grinding riffs then The K are the band for you. This album sets out its stall in no uncertain manner. Opener “Future Is Bright” is equipped with a great big riff and is quickly followed by “Shit Day” which has a riff like a lumbering monster and big shouty vocals. “Dominant Tracks” has a tub-thumping intro and a Stooges style riff. “Everything Hurts” slows things down a little but then we get “Petty Profit” which comes on like a head-on collision between Nevermind and Black Sabbath. No bad thing!

Not many tracks make me want to get up and pogo like a maniac these days but next track “The Rougher Aspects Of Love” could do the trick. With its frantic punkoid riff and screaming vocal, it’s a great slab of feral rock. Next track “Keep My Nightmares Cold” is the strongest track on the record and shows the melodic skills of this band. “Swim it Better” has a frantic opening which builds into a killer heavyweight riff. The album closes with “(Un)Fortunate Youth” which features a great thrashing riff of doom soaked guitars. If you like Nirvana, Sonic Youth and the fabulous Pixies then get a load of The K. Tell you what, on the evidence of this album, live this band will absolutely take the roof off and I want to be there when it happens.

Written by Paul Bamlett

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